About us

The main objective of the Organization: Raising the quality of life of young people on the European level with active advocacy of the large number of highly educated young people.

The aim and purpose of the Statute of the Organization:

  • promoting the rights of young people and supporting young people,
  • promoting the values of the European Union,
  • raising the level of information of young people,
  • encouraging the development of social and social entrepreneurship,
  • promote of human rights in the Republic of Croatia and the EU, and help protect the basic human and civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law,
  • encouraging the development of civil society,
  • encouraging volunteerism,
  • promote the protection of nature and environment.

Activities of the Association according to the Statute:

  • to encourage the acceptance of the values on which it is based the European Union,
  • promoting the values of the European Union among the youth,
  • organizing young people meetings among EU member states,
  • informing young people about educational programs, training programs, entertainment, youth rights and facilities for quality leisure time,
  • organizing lectures, workshops, panel discussions and public forums related topics interesting to young people,
  • provision of advisory services to young people,
  • organization of cultural events for young people
  • participation in the creation of young people policy at local and national level,
  • developing programs for social inclusion and active participation of youth in society,
  • to develop programs to encourage formal and non-formal education of youth,
  • protection of the health of young people and in particular the fight against all types of addiction and violence among young people,
  • encouraging youth into organized and meaningful use of leisure time,
  • developing programs for social entrepreneurship,
  • informing citizens about social entrepreneurship,
  • provision of advisory services on social entrepreneurship,
  • the development of non-profit entrepreneurship and economic activities of Association (in accordance with the Law on Associations),
  • education on human rights, equality and the concept of working to ensure equal opportunities for all – trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • social encourage public debate on issues related to gender equality, ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups,
  • developing programs to help protect the basic human and civil rights,
  • advocate the initiation and establishment of associations and civil initiatives, ensuring the necessary conditions for their work,
  • the provision of professional support in the establishment, organization and operation of individual organizations and civic initiatives, expansion of volunteerism, solidarity and communication among young people,
  • organizing and coordinating volunteer support network for young people.

About the Organization:

“Youth in the European Union” is a non-governmental, non-profit youth association established on 19 October 2008. In Sibenik, conceived as a place where young people gather, share their ideas and thoughts and jointly improve the quality of life of youth in the area and its surroundings.
The Association promotes the values of the European Union, organized leisure for youth, legal advice and information for young people, inclusion of youth in the development of civil society, the fight against all forms of addiction, encourages volunteerism and volunteer initiatives, the development of social entrepreneurship etc.

During the  implementation of various projects, except experience, knowledge and skills, the association has increased the number of employees, achieved significant recognition and reputation in the local community and had cooperated with various stakeholders (NGOs, local and regional governments, regional institutions, businesses).

If you are interested to join us, and together with other activists and volunteers make a difference and benefit the society in which you live, let us know!

Obrati nam se!