Mid-term in Split

I already talked about my first training in Orahovica together with the other volunteer, in which we meet others, volunteers who were just like us eager to learn more and begin this EVS journey. A couple of months passed since then and now last week we had our mid-term, from 8 to 11 May in Split.

From what the trainers told us there, the mid-term is not exactly a training is more like a meeting in which the volunteers are asking questions and are deciding what the mid-term is all about. In comparison with the Orahovica training, this was more relaxed. We had a lot of free time and I definitely took advantage of that to visit Split from top to bottom.

In one of the days, some of the volunteers facilitated the activities and honestly, I do not think that was a good idea because the volunteers didn’t know so much about the topics so it was probably hard for them to facilitate the workshops. Because of that, the workshops were a little bit disorganized, they weren’t bad or anything like that because it was still good to talk with the others and share some ideas, but in my opinion that wasn’t the best idea. In terms of activities and information, Orahovica was definitely better, but as location and free time was better in Split.

It wasn’t like I didn’t learn anything in this mid-term, we still learned how to write our Youthpass at the end of the EVS, about the final report and what opportunities we have after the EVS, this were the activities I liked the most.

Besides that, I felt that in Orahovica I had a harder time to integrate with the other volunteers, since I am very shy, and I thought it would be the same thing in this mid-term since there were more people. However, I meet many nice people, even though I did not spoke too much with all of them, I made some good friends so it was much more fun for me.

In the end, the overall experience was very nice, it was nice to meet with other volunteers and share our journeys and experience with each other about EVS and it was very nice to visit Split. I feel like just yesterday I was in Orahovica and now I already had my mid-term, the time definitely passed quickly and I can’t wait to see what other adventures will I encounter along the way.

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