The value of volunteering

What does volunteering means? Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain “to benefit another person, group or organization”, but what is the value of volunteering­? People usually volunteer for a lot of reasons, for example, to gain experience, meet new people, acquire new skills or expanding their network of contacts and other people are doing it because they want to help the community and because it makes them feels good.

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Wich are the values of volunteerism?


Volunteering is a positive social value, there is no doubt about it. Youth Association “Youth in the EU” since its establishment has made an effort to present this claim to the Šibensko – kninska County residents. By engaging a number of volunteers in their organization and performing the services of volunteer joining with the organizations they need, we strive to popularize this altruistic activity.

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Final StartUp Conference! your career

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, starting at 6 pm, the “Juraj Šižgorić” City Library’s Multimedia Conference will be held in the framework of the Youth Exchange project “StartUp! your career “co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + program.

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Sign up for workshops in Romanian and Italian

Dear all, we believe that you have already started implementing new-year decisions such as going to the gym and stop smoking, maybe even learning a foreign language. There is no problem if it is not because it can soon become thanks to our volunteers from abroad who will arrange for you the best Romanian and Italian language lessons!

Our volunteers Antonia Teodora from Romania and Francesco from Italy will start their workshop in foreign languages in the first half of February. In addition to having an opportunity to learn Romanian or Italian, volunteers will try to present their culture, country, and customs in an interesting way through the learning of one of the languages mentioned above. All you need to do is sign up through an online form by January 30, 2018. During the workshop implementation, volunteers will use informal learning tools.

At the beginning of the workshop participants will be informed by February 5, 2018.

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