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The New Green Me: Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future | Youth Exchange | Erasmus+ (EN)

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Last November, the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange program The New Green Me gathered young environmental enthusiasts in Šibenik, Croatia, with the goal of promoting a greener and more sustainable future. This initiative brought together participants from 4 partner countries:

France with the NGO Pistes Solidaires, Spain with Asociación Juvenil Illipula, Bulgaria with Institute Perspectives, and finally North Macedonia with Poraka Nova.

During their project, the participants were divided into four smaller groups to work on some original interactive media content to convey the results of their participation in the exchange to a wider public. Here are the four thematic areas they decided to focus on:

1. Survey for the Local Community about Green Habits and Practices
2. Do’s and Don’ts in Ecology
3. Interview with an International Young Expert in Ecology and Green Matters
4. How Are Your Recycling Practices?

Let’s explore them more!

Survey for the Local Community about Green Habits and Practices

The first project result involved conducting a survey among Šibenik citizens to understand their green habits and practices. This survey aimed to assess the community’s engagement with sustainability, including recycling and waste reduction. The findings revealed both strengths and areas for improvement, providing a foundation for future initiatives to enhance green practices in the local community.

Do’s and Don’ts in Ecology

For the second result, participants developed an interactive-visual guide on the do’s and don’ts in ecology. This guide offers actionable tips for individuals to reduce their environmental impact. By highlighting simple yet effective actions, this result aims to educate and empower people to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Interview with an International Young Expert in Ecology and Green Matters

The third focus of the series was an interview with a young international expert in ecology. This conversation covered contemporary environmental challenges, such as climate change and pollution, and explored innovative solutions being developed globally. The expert emphasized the importance of youth engagement in environmental advocacy. This interview provided inspiration and insights for participants, demonstrating the critical role of young people in driving environmental change.

How Are Your Recycling Practices?

With the fourth and final product, participants reflected on their own recycling practices. This analysis highlighted areas for improvement in the differences in infrastructure, public participation, and effective strategies. By sharing their experiences, participants gained a broader understanding of successful recycling practices and identified opportunities to improve waste management in their own communities.


“The New Green Me” youth exchange program showcased the power of international collaboration in addressing environmental issues. Through surveys, practical guides, expert interviews, and comparative analyses, participants not only contributed to the Šibenik community but also gained valuable knowledge to implement in their own countries. This initiative underscores the importance of education, innovation, and collective action in creating a sustainable future for all.

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